2020-2021 Tournaments List


Below is a list of tournaments in the New England area for the 2020-2021 as well as national tournaments that teams who qualified can attend. Information on difficulty, the set offered, location, and logistics can be found below and can be sorted by clicking on the headers of each column. 


Set Difficulty Information

Novice: Mainly reserved for players who have only played up to two years of quiz bowl or have never attended a national tournament, novice packets are perfect for new players who may not be familiar with much of the quiz bowl "canon," or frequently tossed up answerlines. A majority of tossups can be easily converted by new players and most novice teams can easily 10 or 20 most bonuses.


Regular minus: Slightly harder than Novice, regular minus packets are great for newer teams looking to gain more playing experience. A sets and certain sets written by high school teams are classified as Regular minus. 


Regular: Regular sets are normal high school difficulty sets and include IS sets. Newer teams may not be able to answer harder tossups and averaging above 15 points per bonus may be difficult for developing teams.


Regular plus: These sets are easier than Nationals level but include harder answerlines and more obscure bonus parts. These sets are great for experienced teams to practice on and are good studying material for nationals-level sets.

Nationals: Nationals sets include PACE NSC and HSNCT and require a decent amount of studying to be able to power or even answer most tossups.