2018 Columbia Fall Tournament

Columbia Fall, which took place on October 6, 2018, saw the best performance of New York teams thus far, taking the top three spots in the Nationals division. Ithaca won the tournament with a 460-265 win over 2nd-place Hunter A, and West Egg A (Great Neck South) took third. Despite a few errors regarding room assignments, the tournament ran much smoother than it had in the past, making for an enjoyable day of quiz bowl. Columbia Fall was played on WHAQ III, a high school regular level set.

Ithaca A had an 8-1 record throughout the entire tournament, going 4-0 in prelims and going 3-1 in playoffs with a 6th round loss to Hunter A before beating them in the finals. Isaiah Gutman, Ithaca's lead scorer, had a 55.6 PPG and had 24 powers and 16 10s, while second scorer Julian Perry had 19 powers and 19 10s with a 46.67 PPG. Kaelan Imani and Aidan Uckun had 35 PPG and 20 PPG respectively, proving Ithaca to be a very well-balanced team. Ithaca A had a very impressive 24.33 PPB, the highest of the tournament.

Hunter A had a 3-1 record in prelims since lead scorer Daniel Ma could not make it in the morning; however, the team of Pedro Juan Orduz, Rachel Yang, Benjamin Chapman, and Brian Lu performed well in prelims, beating strong teams like High Tech B. Once Daniel Ma arrived for playoffs, Hunter A went undefeated in playoffs, losing the final to Ithaca A. Daniel Ma had 23 powers and 16 10s in just 5 games with an 84.76 PPG, and Rachel Yang had 11 powers and 12 10s with a 31.11 PPG. Pedro, Benjamin, and Brian had 17.78 PPG, 28.57 PPG, and 28.33 PPG respectively. Hunter A had a 23.00 PPB,the 3rd highest of the tournament.

West Egg A had a 4-0 record in prelims and a 6-2 record overall with losses to Ithaca A and Hunter A. Captain Noah Sheidlower had 24 powers and 21 10s in 8 games with a 66.25 PPG, while Andersen Gu had 13 powers and 7 10s with 28.12 PPG. Ethan Vainrib and Daniel Lu had a 10.66 PPG and 10.62 PPG respectively. West Egg A had close wins over Greens Farms and High Tech A who have also proved to be amazing teams in the Tri-State area. West Egg A had a 22.23 PPB, the 4th highest of the tournament.

Other New York teams in the National division included Gotham A which came in 5th in Consolation 1, and Hunter B which finished 1st in Consolation 2.

In the standard division, Trinity A won the tournament with a 17.32 PPB, beating High Tech C. Bronx Science came in 3rd with a 15.08 PPB and Hunter C came in 4th with a 13.56 PPB. Island Trees came in 1st in Consolation 1 with a 17.55 PPB.

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