ACF Fall Northeast Mirror

The best college teams in the Northeast traveled to MIT to play a mirror of ACF Fall, a collegiate-minus set played by hundreds of college and high-school teams throughout the nation. Out of 27 teams in attendance, 11 of them were from New York. Two New York teams, NYU A and Columbia A, finished in the Championship bracket.

NYU A (UG) finished in 2nd with an 11-2 record and an impressive 22.53 PPB, the 4th highest of the entire tournament. This undergraduate team had two small losses to Amherst A, the tournament's winner, but beat fantastic teams like Cornell A and Harvard A. Harrison Whitaker had an 81-5 statline (no powers at ACF Fall) with 60.38 PPG, the 7th highest of all competitors. Teammates Mitch Baron and Doug Simons had 17.69 and 36.92 PPG respectively, while Daniel Richardson had 6.92 PPG. Giving up only 2500 points across 13 rounds and scoring 5325 points, NYU A had a very impressive point margin against opposing teams.

Columbia A (DII) finished in 6th out of all teams, finishing last in Championship bracket with an 8-5 record and 19.62 PPB. Freshman Julia Tong led the team in scoring with a 63-11 statline and 44.23 PPG. Jake Fisher had a 38-5 statline with 27.31 PPG, while teammates Elise Schlecht and Antonio Camara finished with 10.00 PPG and 18.08 PPG respectively. Although going 1-4 in Championship bracket with a win over Wesleyan A, Columbia A had great wins over competitive teams like Yale and NYU B.

Cornell A (UG) finished 7th and won the Consolation 1 Bracket with a 10-2 record and 21.48 PPB. Captain Daniel Xu had a 70-6 statline and finished 6th overall in scoring with 60.91 PPG, while teammate Amith Punyala contributed greatly to scoring with 36.36 PPG. Teammates Luc Wetherbee (21.67 PPG), Brandon Zhang (12.86 PPG) and Carson Gresens (1.67 PPG) contributing to scoring and bonus conversion as well. Although suffering two preliminary losses to NYU A and Harvard C, Cornell A went undefeated in Consolation 1, defeating teams like Williams A and Brown A. Cornell A only gave up 1835 across 12 rounds, an impressive statistic!

Four New York teams found themselves in the Consolation II bracket won by Columbia B (UG). Columbia B, with an 8-5 record and 20.56 PPB, was led in scoring by Nathan Kempf (50-5 statline with 36.54 PPG), with teammates Juan Pardo (15.00 PPG), Nikita Pobodebov (20.38 PPG), and Emmaline Bennett (18.85 PPG) having very similar performances to help Columbia B win matches over Harvard B and Williams B. NYU B (UG) had a 7-5 record and 18.88 PPB and finished just below Columbia B; Rohan Vora finished with 46-10 statline and 34.17 PPG, and teammates Lev Bernstein (13.33 PPG), Ben Chin (15.42 PPG), and Andrew Ankersen (16.67 PPG) helped NYU B win over Cornell B and Colgate.

Other notable New York performances included University of Rochester (UG) (5-8 record with 17.02 PPB led by Jack Zhang with 55.77 PPG), Cornell B (UG) (3-9 record with 16.80 PPB led in scoring by Cole Horvath with an 87-11 statline and 67.92 PPG), and NYU C (UG) (4-10 record with 15.37 PPB).

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