BardBowl II

Last Saturday, January 5th, Northeast teams celebrated the new year by playing at the first tournament of 2019, BardBowl, held at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan. The tournament was played on the regular-difficulty IS-181 set. With 17/35 teams in attendance being from New York, the tournament ran fairly smoothly despite some stats errors. Congratulations to Hunter A who won the tournament with a 9-1 record and to all teams who attended.

Hunter A won the tournament with only one loss to Livingston High School, with an extremely impressive 24.71 PPB. Captain Daniel Ma led the team in scoring with 95 PPG (6th overall in PPG) and a stellar 36-38-13 statline across 9 games. Teammates Asher Jaffe (7-11-7, 20 PPG), Cerulean Ozarow (14-2-4, 23.33 PPG), and Rachel Yang (6-5-1, 15 PPG) all helped Hunter A's dominating performance with wins over competitive teams like West Egg A and Island Trees. Millburn A and High Tech A, both from New Jersey, finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

West Egg A had a great performance with an 8-2 record overall with losses to Livingston and Hunter A. The team was led in scoring by Noah Sheidlower who only played in the preliminary rounds with a 15-14-8 statline across 5 games with 65 PPG. Teammate Andersen Gu contributed greatly to scoring throughout the tournament with a 12-23-7 statline with 37.50 PPG. Teammates Daniel Lu (5-12-1, 19 PPG), Sammy Katzman (3-2-4, 6 PPG), and Jay Kim (7-6-1, 21.33 PPG) led West Egg A to its dominating performance with 22.32 PPG.

Hunter C finished 4th in their championship playoff bracket with an overall 6-4 record and 17.60 PPB. This completely middle school team had a stellar performance, led in scoring by Ian Lu (13-30-2, 48.50 PPG) and Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt (15-25-6, 44.50 PPG). Despite going 2-3 in playoffs, Hunter C had impressive victories over Tenafly A and High Tech C.

Clarke High School from Westbury, Long Island, finished 5th in their championship playoff bracket with a 4-6 overall record and 17.43 PPB. Led in scoring by Ankit Sayed (10-38-9, 48.50 PPG) and Arjuk Panickssery (12-20-9, 33.50 PPG), Clarke had great wins over Island Trees and Hotchkiss.

Island Trees, also from Long Island, finished 6th in their championship playoff bracket with a superb 24.12 PPB. The team was led in scoring by David Wendt, who had a stellar statline of 26-25-6 with a 67.78 PPG across 9 games. Despite going 0-5 in playoffs, the team had a 4-1 prelims record with wins over Hunter D and North Babylon A.

Other notable New York performances include Hunter B (6-4 record with 17.91 PPB), Stuyvesant (6-4 record with 17.19 PPB), and Dalton (4-6 record with 16.31 PPB). Congrats to all teams!

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