BrainBusters Fall VII

This year's BrainBusters Fall at Ithaca High School saw teams from all across New York State compete, with Troy finishing well above all of the other teams. Aside from a few NAQT A-set tournaments, this was one of the only tournaments with pyramidal questions that upstate NY teams will compete in this year, making for a diverse field.

Troy swept the field with an 11-0 record and a very impressive 23.09 PPB. Led in scoring by NASAT A team member Alex Pyle with a stellar 76-64-15 statline and 155 PPG, Troy only gave up 870 points over 11 games while putting up 6,120 total points. Teammates Kemal Pulungan (25.91 PPG) and Xavier Schlemmer (8.18 PPG) also contributed to Troy's monstrous performance. Troy put up over 600 points in four different rounds and their lowest scoring game was a 420-170 victory over Delaware Valley A.

Pennsylvania teams took the second spot, but Geneva A finished with an 8-3 record to clinch 3rd place overall. Geneva A was led in scoring by Connor Hibbard (6-43-10 with 42.73 PPG) and Quinn Hogan (7-27-5 with 31.82 PPG). The team had a combined 14.11 PPB and had close wins over teams like Emma Willard, Saratoga Springs, and Delaware Valley B.

Saratoga Springs finished two spots behind Geneva A in 5th place with a 7-4 record and 15.13 PPB. Henry McCabe performed well with a 12-34-5 statline for 52.11 PPG, while teammates Jonah Kaufman (28.42 PPG) and Quinn Montgomery (27.06 PPG) contributed greatly to the team's impressive wins over Emma Willard and Adirondack A.

Emma Willard from Troy finished in 6th place with a 7-4 record and 13.45 PPB. The team was led in scoring by Maximiliana Heller with an 8-57-5 statline and 66.50 PPG, the 3rd highest of the tournament. Teammate Claire Anderson also contributed nicely to scoring with 33.18 PPG. Emma Willard has close wins over teams like Delaware Valley A, Geneva B, and Cooperstown.

Congratulations to all teams who came!

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