Columbia Spring

On February 23, 2019, 36 teams traveled to Columbia for the annual Columbia Spring tournament, run on the SSNCT set. Hunter A won the Nationals division while Trinity A won the Standard division. Congratulations to all teams who attended!

Hunter A swept the field with a 10-0 record and an impressive 23.98 PPB. Captain Daniel Ma had a stellar 45-35-18 statline with 93.50 PPG, averaging 4.5 powers per game. Teammate Cerulean Ozarow had a 22-12-7 statline with 41.50 PPG, performing very well in close wins over High Tech A and Darien A. Brian Lu (3-4-1 with 16 PPG across 5 games) and Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt (6-1-4 with 8 PPG) also contributed to team scoring and Hunter's high PPB.

Although Hunter was the only New York team to make the Championship Nationals bracket, Island Trees came in 7th overall with a 6-3 record with close losses to High Tech A and East Brunswick A. Captain David Wendt had a very solid 31-30-5 statline with 82.22 PPG, while teammates Thomas Zamroz and Joshua Kim had 23.89 PPG and 6.67 PPG respectively. Island Trees had a 21.16 PPB and had impressive wins over competitive teams Wilton and Hunter B.

Hunter B finished in 10th in the Nationals division with a 4-5 record and 18.00 PPB. The team was led in scoring by Benjamin Chapman with a 21-31-9 statline with 64.44 PPG, while teammate Ella Leeds, Aruna Das, Bianca Dwork, and York Niu all contributed to the team's wins over Darien B and Wilton.

In the Standard division, Trinity A won outright with a 9-0 record and 18.77 PPB. Trinity was led in scoring by Matteo de Donato with 53.12 PPG and by Renato de Angelis with 52.86. Trinity had dominating wins over teams like Stuyvesant and High Tech C.

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