LIFT XVIII saw many of the best teams from NY, NJ, and CT come to Kellenberg High School on Long Island to play IS-179, a regular-level NAQT IS set. Hunter A beat High Tech A in a one game final, with New York teams making up 6/12 teams that made the Championship bracket. Despite minor playoff bracketing issues, the tournament ran very smoothly and the NYQBA thanks Kellenberg for their efforts to promote quality quiz bowl on Long Island.

Hunter A had a very impressive day with a near perfect 9-1 record with only a narrow loss to Millburn A (Team No Powers). Captain Daniel Ma led the team in scoring with a superb 56-23-8 statline for 103 PPG, an average of nearly 6 powers a game. Teammates Pedro Juan Orduz (25 PPG and 14 powers), Cerulean Ozarow (24 PPG and 10 powers), and Benjamin Chapman (14 PPG) led to Hunter A's stellar 24.55 PPB. Hunter A put up 27.27 PPB against High Tech A for a 440-310 victory.

Island Trees A came in 4th of all teams, losing their 3rd-place match to Millburn A. Captain David Wendt put up a majority of the team's points with 79.09 PPG (38-37-14). Teammates Thomas Zamvoz (23.64 PPG) and Marcos Llorente (10.95 PPG) were instrumental in the team's wins over High Tech A, Stuyvesant, and Seton Hall. Island Trees A had an overall record of 9-2 and had 21.43 PPB.

West Egg A came in tied 5th (West Egg A had to forfeit their crossover match to Hunter B due to an outside conflict) with an 8-2 record and 23.09 PPB (the 3rd highest in the tournament). Captain Noah Sheidlower led the team in scoring with a statline of 26-22-7 for 57.50 PPG, while teammate Andersen Gu had an equally as impressive 16-24-4 statline for 46 PPG. Teammates Ethan Vainrib (24.50 PPG) and Daniel Lu (26.50 PPG) were well balanced and contributing a large sum of points to help West Egg A win over Darien and Hunter B.

Hunter B came in tied 5th but took a forfeit win to West Egg A in the playoffs. Hunter B had an impressive 8-2 record with 20.45 PPB. Captain Asher Jaffe led the team in scoring with a 19-45-9 statline and 69 PPG, while teammates Rachel Yang (13-15-2 for 33.50 PPG) and Jacob Harin-Bernhardt 10-20-5 for 32.50 PPG) contributed greatly to Hunter B's wins over Wilton and Island Trees A.

Other notable New York performances include Stuyvesant which finished 11th overall (5-6 record) with 16.34 PPB led in scoring by Benjamin Avrahami (39.50 PPG), and West Egg B (4-6 record) with 16.03 PPB led in scoring by Brandon Huang (30 PPG). Congratulations to all teams who attended!

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