Livingston March Madness 2019

On March 16th, 42 teams traveled to Livingston High School for a day of high-quality quiz bowl on NAQT IS-183 questions. With many nationally ranked teams in attendance, the tournament was extremely competitive and fast-paced. Congratulations to Troy, won who the tournament over Wilmington Charter, and a huge thanks to Livingston for hosting a successful tournament.

Troy had a stellar day, going 9-2 with 23.49 PPB and an average of 480.91 points per game. Troy, a one-man team captained by Alex Pyle, suffered an early loss to Millburn A, but went on to have a 4-1 playoffs record with impressive wins over Ithaca A and Millburn A in a rematch. Alex Pyle had the best stats out of every competitor in attendance, with a 94-52-14 stat line and 169.09 PPG (an average of nearly 10 powers per game). Alex, part of NASAT's New York A team, was victorious over Wilmington Charter with a 410-285 win.

Hunter A took 4th place overall with a 9-2 record and 24.64 PPB. Despite missing their Captain Daniel Ma, Hunter was able to quickly fill in their gaps and have the second highest PPB of the tournament. Hunter A's scoring was very balanced, the highest scorer being Pedro Juan Orduz (28-19-5) with 53.18 PPG, followed closely behind by Cerulean Ozarow (32-8-10) with 46.36 PPG, Asher Jaffe (19-21-5) with 42.73 PPG, and Rachel Yang (14-10-2) with 27.27 PPG. Hunter A had a dominating performance in prelims and suffered only one loss to Wilmington Charter in playoffs, losing their 3rd-place match against Millburn A by a mere 5 points (350-355).

West Egg A finished 5th overall with a 9-2 record and 24.58 PPB, the third highest of the tournament. The team was led in scoring by Captain Noah Sheidlower (32-17-12) with 53.64 PPG, with teammates Andersen Gu (16-20-8) with 36.36 PPG, Ethan Vainrib (10-17-4) with 27.27 PPG, and Sammy Katzman (5-5-2) with 10.45 PPG contributing to the team's high PPB and solid wins over the tournament winner Troy and top teams like Ithaca A and Teterboro. West Egg won its 5th-place match over High Tech A 340-325.

Ithaca A finished in 7th place with an 8-3 record and with the highest PPB of any team at the tournament, 24.8 PPB. Isaiah Gutman led Ithaca in scoring with an impressive 37-16-9 statline for 60.91 PPG, and teammates Julian Perry (29-5-8) with 40.45 PPG, Vaynu Kadiyali (14-8-6) with 23.64 PPG, and Kaelan Imani (12-6-7) with 18.64 PPG contributed greatly to Ithaca's stellar PPB and wins over Millburn B and Teterboro. Despite going 2-3 in playoffs, Ithaca won its match over East Brunswick A by over 300 points with a score of 540-215.

Other standout New York performances include Hunter B's 7-3 record and 19.91 PPB led in scoring by Ben Chapman (24-28-15 with 56.5 PPG) and Ithaca B's 7-3 record with 17.86 PPB.

Congratulations to all teams!

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