MIT Fall Academic Tournament

New York sent two teams to MIT's Fall Academic Tournament on September 15, both teams finishing extremely well. Played on IS-177, both teams put up stellar stats on a regular-level packet, both qualifying for HSNCT and PACE towards the end of the year. Ithaca's A team finished in 3rd place behind Troy's A team which finished second to Lexington from Massachusetts. After five rounds of prelims, Troy was 4-1, while Ithaca was an impressive 5-0, but both teams finished overall with a 10-2 record! Congratulations to both upstate teams!

Ithaca A was led in scoring by Julian Perry with 37 total powers and 55 points per game, while Isaiah Gutman had 27 powers in 12 games with 53 points per game. Out of 77 competitors, Julian was the 10th highest scorer and Isaiah was 13th. Ithaca faced tough losses to Lexington and Troy, but the team had an impressive 99 powers and 24.5 points per bonus, a very admirable statistic for this early in the season.

Troy A was led in scoring by Alex Pyle, a member of the New York A NASAT team in 2018, who had 65 powers and 120.8 points per game across 12 games. His teammate Kemal Pulungan also scored well, with 19 powers and 33.75 points per game. The team faced a tough 15-point loss to Barrington High School from Rhode Island and a 25-point finals loss to Lexington, yet the two-person team won every other match, putting up 23 points per bonus and 84 total powers.

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