Penn Bowl 2018

On October 20th, Penn Bowl saw 10 New York high school and college teams compete on University of Pennsylvania's house-write set, a collegiate regular-difficulty set. Of these 10 NY teams, two were high-school teams: Ilium (Ithaca) and West Egg (Great Neck South).

Columbia A finished 4th out of 38 teams with a 9-3 record. Columbia A finished with a 19.53 PPB, the 5th highest of the tournament. Captain Rafael Krichevsky had 30 powers and a 92.50 PPG to lead Columbia A to close wins over University of Virginia A and Cornell A. Teammates Gerhardt Hinkle, Julia Tong, and Jeremy Iema had 12.92 PPG, 20.00 PPG, and 7.50 PPG respectively.

Cornell A finished 9th, 1st in Group 3, with 16.38 PPB and a 10-2 record. Cornell A was led by Daniel Xu with an 11-42-10 statline and a 44.58 PPG, while Jonathan Tran went 24-15-5 with 40.42 PPG. Teammates Amith Punyala had 26.25 PPG and Brandon Zhang had 3.33 PPG. Cornell A had fantastic wins over Penn State A (by 5 points), Princeton A, and Beavercreek from Ohio.

Ilium (Ithaca) finished in 15th place with a 7-4 record and a 13.94 PPB. Isaiah Gutman and Julian Perry performed very well with 34.09 PPG and 33.64 PPG respectively. Teammates Aidan Uckun (10.00 PPG) and Kaelan Imani (20.00 PPG) also had fantastic buzzes throughout the day, leading to wins over Carnegie Mellon A, NYU A, and Gettysburg College. They placed 5th among all high-school teams.

NYU A finished in 16th place with a 5-6 record and a 14.75 PPB. Rahul Rao-Pothuraju led the team in scoring with a 6-35-4 statline and a 38.18 PPG. Teammates Mitch Baron and Harrison Whitaker had 23.18 PPG and 29.55 PPG respectively. Although having a losing record, NYU A had solid wins over Penn State B, SHU, and West Egg.

NYU B finished in 21st place with a 6-6 record and a 12.83 PPB, finishing 1st in Group 6. Doug Simons had an impressive 13-34-8 statline with 45.00 PPG, while Rohan Vora had a 5-27-9 statline with 27.27 PPG. Teammates Lev Bernstein (5.45 PPG) and Oliver Xu (2.73 PPG) also helped the team defeat Columbia B, Wilmington Charter, and TJ B.

West Egg finished in 23rd place with a 4-7 record and a 13.88 PPB. Captain Noah Sheidlower had a 5-51-10 statline with a 49.50 PPG, while teammates Ethan Vainrib had 18.00 PPG and Jay Kim had a 7.78 PPG. West Egg had great wins over Penn State B, Wilmington Charter, and Virginia Tech.

Other notable performances by New York teams include Columbia B (26th place with a 4-8 record and 12.16 PPB), Cornell C (30th place with a 4-8 record and 10.72 PPB), Cornell B (34th place with a 3-9 record and 12.45 PPB), and NYU C (38th place with a 1-11 record and 8.27 PPB).

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