New York teams performed very well at Princeton University's PHSAT tournament, 4 out of the top 8 teams representing New York State. PHSAT was played on the IS-177 set, a regular-difficulty high school set, and all teams in the Competitive division played 11 games. Hunter A finished in 1st place, West Egg (Great Neck South) finished in 4th place, Kellenberg A finished in 7th place, and Hunter B finished in 8th place.

Hunter A swept the field, having an undefeated 11-0 record with a 24.22 PPB, an amazing statistic for this early in the season. Captain Daniel Ma had 67 powers in 11 games, an average of 6 powers a game, and an average PPG of 100. Cerulean Ozarow had 23 powers, Rachel Yang had 14 powers, and Pedro Juan Orduz had 16 powers. Hunter A is quickly proving to be a powerhouse team this year that can defeat the best teams from the Northeast area!

West Egg suffered some tough losses to Hunter A and Kellenberg A but finished in 4th overall with an 8-3 record (4-2 in playoffs) and a 22.74 PPB. Captain Noah Sheidlower had 32 powers and 20 10s across 11 games and had a 57.72 PPB. Teammates Ethan Vainrib had 12 powers, Andersen Gu had 13 powers (in 9 games), Daniel Lu had 7 powers, and Samuel Levine had 5 powers. West Egg did beat High Tech A, one of the best teams in the Northeast.

Kellenberg A performed well at their first showing of the year, finishing in 7th with an overall record of 5-6 while beating West Egg and Hunter B. Tyler Martinus has 19 powers and 20 10s with a 40.45 PPG. Aidan York had 16 powers, Kate Long had 11 powers, and Robert Tiss had 8 powers. Kellenberg A had a 20.64 PPB overall, putting them in contention for one of the best teams in the Tri-State area.

Hunter B had the 2nd strongest showing of a B team behind High Tech B, finishing with an overall record of 2-8 despite making the Championship Bracket. A team of all 9th and 10th graders, the team performed well for their first tournament of the year with a PPB of 17.96. Benjamin Chapman led the team with scoring with 11 powers and a PPG of 42.73. Aruna Das had 4 powers, Ella Leeds had 5 powers, and Inara Kardar had 7 powers.

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