On Saturday, September 28th, teams from across the Northeast traveled to Princeton University for PHSAT, a regular-difficulty quiz bowl tournament (IS-186). New York teams performed very well, with Hunter A winning the entire 36-team tournament, Hunter B finishing 7th, and Kellenberg A finishing 10th. Congratulations to all teams in attendance!

Hunter A proved themselves to be extremely competitive for the 2019-2020 season by going 10-1 overall with a stellar 25.63 PPB, the highest out of all teams in attendance. With a combined statline of 87-55-29, Hunter A proved that they will be powerhouses at all tournaments this year. Hunter A was led in scoring by Cerulean Ozarow with a 36-15-12 statline and 57.27 PPG, only four points higher than Pedro Juan Orduz with a 29-17-4 statline and 53.18 PPG. Ben Chapman (12-14-10, 24.55 PPG) and Rachel Yang (10-9-3, 20.45 PPG) got very impressive buzzes to help them win over High Tech A in the finals, Millburn A, Wilton A, and Kellenberg A. Congratulations to Hunter A for a very impressive start to the season.

Hunter B performed very well as well, with a 7-3 record placing them 7th overall, a combined team statline of 72-52-28 (the fourth-most amount of powers of any team) and 23.39 PPB (also the fourth highest of any team). Hunter B was led in scoring by Andrew Zeng (31-19-11, 60.00 PPG), followed closely by Ian Lu (24-13-9, 44.50 PPG). Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt (15-16-8, 34.50 PPG) and Bianca Dwork (2-4-0, 7.00 PPG) rounded out the team. Hunter B had some very impressive wins over the runner-up High Tech A, East Brunswick A, and High Tech B, as well as a very high scoring 735-25 game over WWP A.

Kellenberg A made it into the Championship bracket with a 7-3 record, a team statline of 30-75-15, and 19.62 PPB. The team was led in scoring by Aidan York, who had an 11-37-12 statline and 47.50 PPG. Teammates Rob Tiss (6-19-1, 27.50 PPG), Victor Louie (9-13-2, 25.50 PPG), and Nick MacNeil (4-6-0, 12.00 PPG) helped Kellenberg achieve victories over Henderson A, Mannheim Township A, and Wilton A.

Congratulations as well to Hunter C, who finished second in the Consolation 1 bracket with an overall 7-3 record and to Trinity B for winning the Consolation 2 bracket.

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