On Saturday, February 9th, High Tech High School in Lincroft, NJ, hosted QuBIT V on the regular-plus difficulty RMBAT set. The tournament ran extremely smoothly, making for a stellar day of solid quiz bowl. With 36 teams in attendance, the competition was fierce, with New York teams performing extremely well throughout the entire tournament. Congratulations to Hunter A for beating West Egg A in the final and to all teams in attendance.

Hunter A was victorious with an overall 11-0 record and 22.26 PPB. Led in scoring by captain Daniel Ma (35-39-10 statline and 101.76 in just 8.5 games), Hunter A scored a total of 5365 points, an average of 488 points per round. Teammates Asher Jaffe (12-23-3 and 39.50 PPG), Benjamin Chapman (10-12-5 and 25.50 PPG), and Pedro Orduz (12-16-4 and 33.68 PPG) helped Hunter A to dominating wins over teams like Tenafly A, Mather, and Livingston A. Hunter A beat West Egg A 375-235 in finals.

West Egg A suffered its only loss to Hunter A, going 10-1 with 21.96 PPB. West Egg was led in scoring by Noah Sheidlower (26-48-15 statline with 72.27 PPG) and was supported by Andersen Gu (15-30-7 with 44.55 PPG), Ethan Vainrib (11-12-3 with 24.55 PPG), Sammy Katzman (1-5-0 with 8.12 PPG), and Daniel Lu (3-2-0 with 21.67 PPG in 3 games). The team performed well with an average of 458 points per game with wins over Hunter B, East Brunswick A, and Tenafly A.

Hunter B was the only other NY team to make the Championship bracket by going 6-1 in prelims with a loss to Mather. Hunter B, an entirely middle school team, had 15.05 PPB, better than 75% of the field. The team was led in scoring by Ian Lu (12-46-3 statline with 56.82 PPG) and was supported by Bianca Dwork (3-26-6 with 25.00 PPG) and Maggie Kwan (1-3-2 with 3.18 PPG). This very young and promising team had fantastic wins over teams like Livingston B and Tenafly B.

Other strong NY performances include Hunter C's 9th place performance with 17.66 PPG and an 8-2 record (led in scoring by Cerulean Ozarow with 20-77-16 and 99.00 PPG) and West Egg B's 13th place performance with 12.93 PPB (led in scoring by Brandon Huang with 12-36-18 and 45.00 PPG).

Congratulations to all teams and a huge thank you to High Tech HS for an amazing tournament.

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