SCOP Novice @Hunter

This year's SCOP Novice was a fantastic tournament won by East Brunswick A with runner-up West Egg A being the highest-placing NY team! Two New York teams made the top bracket of eight teams. There were 16 New York teams in attendance making up half of the SCOP Novice field.

West Egg A, a team made up of sophomores and juniors, had a 9-2 record (one loss and one forfeit) and had the highest PPB out of all 32 teams (24.23). Sophomore Brandon Huang led the team in scoring with a 19-26-16 statline and a 46.50 PPG, while junior Jay Kim had a 13-24-9 statline with a 39.00 PPG. Teammate Kathryn Lee had 8 powers for a 28.50 PPG, and teammates Rini Lee and Lana Zheng also helped with scoring and bonus conversion. West Egg A had extremely close wins over East Brunswick B and Hunter A with a 245-490 loss to champions East Brunswick A.

Hunter A, a three-man team, made the championship bracket of eight teams with a 7-4 record overall. Despite going 0-3 in the first three rounds of playoffs, Hunter A defeated High Tech A to clinch 7th place. 8th-grader Ian Lu had an extremely impressive 15-75-3 statline with an 87.27 PPG to carry his team to wins over Kellenberg A and East Brunswick D. Teammates Amanda Li and Lulu Jiang also contributed to scoring and to the team's 20.96 PPB.

Hunter's B and C teams went 5-4 and 6-4 respectively, finishing in 12th and 13th place. Leading the scoring on Hunter B (with a 19.49 PPB) was Max Dittgen who had 10 powers and 52.22 PPG. Bianca Dwork also performed well with a 22.78 PPG. On Hunter C (with a 19.38 PPB), Michael Becker had a great statline of 12-55-15 with a 65.50 PPG. Another notable Hunter performance was by George Lounsbery-Scaife of Hunter D (16-43-18, 58.00 PPG).

Other noteworthy performances included West Egg B (5-5 record, 17.44 PPB, captain Sammy Katzman with a 9-36-10 statline with 44.50 PPG), Kellenberg A (5-5 record, 16.98 PPB, Ciara Atkins going 11-44-11 with 57.89 PPG), and Bard (5-5 record, 18.66 PPB, Kieran Cusack going 8-46-12 with 52.00 PPG).

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