Tri-State Tussle IV

Last Saturday, a handful of New York teams competed in the Tri-State Tussle tournament at Delaware Valley High School. Troy won the tournament, with Ithaca A finishing in 3rd. Ithaca sent a B and C team to the tournament as well. The tournament was played on IS-176A, an A-set tournament with questions that are slightly easier than a normal high-school level IS set.

Troy swept the field, going 11-0 with close wins over Wilton and Ithaca A. Captain Alex Pyle had extremely impressive stats with a 102-44-10 stat line over 11 games (9.27 powers per game) with a 174.55 PPG. Alex's teammates Xavier Schlemmer, Rufus Nguyen-McDowell, and Alex Borca-Tasciuc also helped Alex out with scoring. Troy combined had a 25.09 PPB and only gave up 1640 points over 11 games (an average of 149 points for the opposing team). Troy's best performance of the tournament was their first match when they put up 750 points in a single round.

Ithaca A also performed very well, Captain Aidan Uckun leading the team in scoring with a 27-32-9 stat line over 11 games for a PPG of 68. Teammates Donovan Kuo (21 PPG), Tony Yang (18 PPG), and Ezra Baptist (11 PPG) all helped Ithaca A win some rather close games. Ithaca A had a 9-2 record and had a 22.45 PPB.

Ithaca's B and C teams finished with 5-5 and 6-4 records respectively. Ithaca B had a 15.69 PPB while Ithaca C had a 14.67 PPB. Rohit Lal on Ithaca C had a very impressive performance with 16 powers in 10 games and a 56 PPB. Ithaca's main A team did not play at this tournament, but the performance of their three teams shows that Ithaca may be a powerhouse school for the next couple of years.

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